Kaspersky Coupon Codes 2016

Kaspersky Coupon Code
Save $50 on top Internet Security solutions from Kaspersky Lab!
End Date  2027-11-10
Start Date  2013-10-10

Kaspersky Coupons 2016

Kaspersky Coupon Codes

It has to be noted that we are now talking about the Kaspersky antivirus range for home users; meaning, the kinds of software that you can use for enhancing security of your home PC. In that case, there are three versions of Kaspersky antivirus available, right away. Of course, these three versions come with different levels of productivity and are very useful in particular scenarios. Now, we shall have a look on the plan-wise pricing of Kaspersky Antivirus solutions.

The first plan in the home security range of Kaspersky is named Kaspersky Antivirus Coupon Code You’re protected from variety of threats. Talking of the price, Kaspersky Anti-virus is available for $39.99 per year when you want to install the tool in a single PC. What has to be noted here is that you can bring down the budget if you can use Kaspersky coupon.

The second plan is named Kaspersky Internet Security Coupon that gives emphasis on threats from internet-based services and the basic protection. You can get the one-year license of Kaspersky Internet Security for just $59.99 and you will be able to install the antivirus in up to three computers. As you go to further plans, you’ve to pay $89.99 & $119.99.

The third variant of Kaspersky Antivirus solutions — which is known for offering ultimate protection — can be called Kaspersky Total Security Coupon. The most expensive solution in the range, it offers protection from offline & online threats. The one-year license of Kaspersky Total Security is available for just $49.99 and up to five devices can be protected in this package.

As we mentioned above, there are some superb Kaspersky Antivirus coupons you would find! If you’re able to select the best out of those and apply when you purchase, you will have the desired antivirus solution at a lower rate and it seems to be an awesome deal. Just imagine this scenario — you’re planning to get an antivirus solution that actually costs $100. Well, then, if you can find an appropriate Kaspersky discount codes, things can be simpler,

By the way, there are some other antivirus solutions available from Kaspersky. For instance, if you want to protect a Mac or Android Smartphone, you’ve to choose the appropriate one. Similarly, if you’re looking for securing an entire business environment, you’ve options for that too.